Philosophical Issues in Psychiatry V: The Problems of Multiple Levels, Explanatory Pluralism, Reduction and Emergence

Date(s) - 28. May 2018 - 30. May 2018
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For the fifth conference in this series we are exploring how the field of psychiatry incorporates more viable explanatory approaches than almost any other discipline in a modern university. Serious scholars have attempted to understand the causes of psychiatric illness from the perspective of molecular neurobiology, molecular genetics, cellular neurophysiology, systems neuroscience, neuropsychology, clinical psychology (including a wide diversity of theories incorporating an array of mental constructs such as personality, cognition, and unconscious processes), epidemiology, genetic-epidemiology, sociology, and anthropology. The last decades have seen increasingly sophisticated scientific paradigms that have suggested that many of these levels can indeed yield useful and empirically verifiable risk factors for psychiatric illness. A central conundrum of the field is how to integrate this cacophony of scientific perspectives into a meaningful whole.



Professor Kenneth Kendler (Virginia Commonwealth University), Professor Josef Parnas (University of Copenhagen), Professor Peter Zachar (Auburn University at Montgomery) and the Mental Health Centre Glostrup and Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen.


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