Takuya Nakamura / A multidimensional Account of the Ego

The Ego is not monolithic, but complex phenomena. It contains inner complexity. Husserl encounters this complexity in terms of temporality in his later manuscripts. Against this background, he works out the ultimate inseparable nature of ego and non-ego. However, this is different from the encounter with the world as a non-ego. So far I had interpreted that the primal ego is the only condition for the possibility of appearance. In fact, in a passage in some research manuscripts, Husserl himself also stated that the primal-ego is the innermost. However, we can find the following very strange expression in the manuscript of the same period. “The streaming is always in advance, but also the I is in advance”. I have attempted to interpret these statements in terms of precedence of the primal ego. 

While staying at the CFS, through reading of the Husserl’s manuscripts and the various research papers discussing this ultimate dimension that phenomenology encountered, I learned more about the importance of the inner complexity of the ego and I had to change my previous interpretation. Although the primal-ego is a necessary condition for the possibility of appearance, it is not the only condition and no sufficient condition. Consequently, it is impossible to fully grasp the ego by unitary explanation, and the ego inevitably demands a multidimensional account.

My one-year research stay at the CFS that enabled such an intensive research is now almost over. I’m able to spend very fulfilling days thanks to an ideal and stimulating research environment. It is truly unforgettable for me that I could proceed with research in a friendly atmosphere. I would like to express my gratitude to all members of the CFS.

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